On Monday morning, my car wouldn’t start, so our mechanic came and jumped it so I could get to work. That day, he searched unsuccessfully for a new battery in town. He did find a shop that would be getting one later in the week, so he said we’d wait, assuring me that the car would be fine in the meantime.

After work that day, though, the vehicle once again refused to start. I left it behind and rode home on public transportation, where my friends were happy to see me again. The next morning I dressed warmly to wait out in the cool wind for a ride with a friend, trying to avoid catching a cold as happened last year at this chilly season. However, I didn’t realize that my warmer shoes were also slicker, so I slipped and fell flat on the ground as soon as I stepped onto the kitchen tile. Thankfully I still made it to work, but my aching left foot grew worse each time I hobbled up and down the stairs to take money to those restricted from entering the office due to coronavirus precautions, and my right elbow hurt whenever I used my arm.

Happily, due to the diligent efforts of my director, our mechanic Marques, and Bonif√°cio, my car was fixed in time for me to drive it home that afternoon. Upon arrival, I plopped myself into a chair and Blaine brought me whatever I needed throughout the evening so I could rest my foot. And after a good night of rest, my pains were gone! Please join me in praying that my health and our vehicle would remain in good condition.

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