On a balmy Saturday evening, Bonifácio emerges from his home office and beckons his wife Estefânia on a walk around the property. “Come along”, she cheerfully summons me, leaving dinner instructions with the children, and the three of us savor a stroll with conversation for the next hour.

Crossing the street at the bus stop on my way home from work one afternoon, I happen to meet Estefânia, also returning from her job. Relishing the unexpected extra time together, we climb into the backseat of a car headed toward our house. As we wait for it to fill up and then whiz down the road, we cheerfully chat about cultural differences between weddings here and in the US, and plan an outing the next day to shop for shoes and a present for the wedding scheduled for that weekend.

As I help the older children prepare dinner outside, a stimulating conversation develops about baptism, springing from a comment about the upcoming baptismal service at their church. By the time Bonifácio and Estefânia return from that evening’s church activities and we sit down to eat, we have discussed a number of Biblical teachings on the topic, and debated various perspectives and practices.

After supper one evening, when the younger children learn we won’t be having family worship because it’s a weekend, they ask me if we can have our own devotional. I agree, and we climb onto my bed to sing, pray, and read and discuss the Bible. Our study of in John 1 is so engaging that we decide to continue it in the future when time allows.

I am abundantly blessed in the household where God has placed me.

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