On Thursday, a local denomination’s head pastor accompanied me an hour and a half outside our town to speak to the women in one of his congregations.  We had planned to travel in my car, but its fuel pump needed work that day, so he found another driver willing to take us in her car.  Meanwhile, my vehicle was successfully repaired; please keep praying for it to stay in good condition.
At the rural church, the lively group of ladies pictured here interacted with me in the national and local languages as I presented basic Biblical teaching on good works and on marriage.  Their questions included the following:  If good works don’t bestow salvation, does it matter if we do good things or bad things?  At what age should a girl get married?  If a mother has a grown daughter who refuses to help with housework, shouldn’t she try to get her married off?
The conversation in the car during our return trip was even more vigorous.  Our driver expressed her disdain for long sermons, which prevents her from frequenting or enjoying worship services.  The discussion soon turned to root attitudes such as pride and a lack of faith.  By the end of the day, she repeatedly implored me to pray for her.  Would you please join me in asking God to transform Artimícia’s heart?

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