Please pray about opportunities that are coming my way to provide Biblical teaching to women. My booklet on the role of women in the church (in the national language) was recently printed and is selling well at a subsidized rate in our bookshop. Its eight chapters correspond to the sessions I taught to the ladies of our church over the past year. Soon I hope to make time to translate my teaching notes into the local language, in order to present it to the women of other churches, many of whom aren’t proficient in the national language.

The lead pastor of one denomination would like me to start training their women as soon as I’m ready, and has asked me to speak to young ladies at a conference later this month. The women of another denomination invited me to teach at their city-wide conference this past Saturday on short notice, so I presented the first session in the language in which I’ve already taught it. I intend to use more of the local language for my future lessons with them.

Meanwhile, I already have ideas for two more books that I could potentially write to sharpen women’s Biblical perspective on issues they face in this culture. Ideally, I would like to write these books in both languages used here. Please pray that I will find time to devote to this project if it is God’s will. Thank you.

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