What a privilege it is to work alongside a 30-year veteran of the field here in Africa. He and his wife have endured more hardships than you can imagine, but in Christ they are more than overcomers, and are still joyously pressing forward in the ministry. My friendship with them for my entire life has facilitated my joining their work with high compatibility and a minimum of surprises.

In January, my director and his wife traveled to South Africa to complete some theological writing projects during a few weeks of retreat, then organize and purchase building materials for construction our organization currently has underway. He already had a full load of items to import, left behind there in storage when COVID hit last year; and in the meantime God provided two new vehicles which needed to be registered and prepared for the trip to our headquarters. Due to the inevitable hurdles which arise with major projects on this side of the world, the trip has already stretched into four months, and my director is longing to return home, where I have been managing the office in his absence.

Sadly, my director’s wife lost her mother rather suddenly a few weeks ago, so she flew from South Africa to the US for the funeral and to attend to family matters. Now my director will join her there for the next few weeks, to help arrange for care for her father as well as to visit their children — which will doubtless be a blessing, although it takes him in the opposite direction from the African home from which he feels he has been absent for too long already. Please pray for traveling mercies, as well as for comfort and guidance for the bereaved family.

Please also pray that God will open a way to surpass the latest bureaucratic obstacle to the importation of our materials. To be specific, a new government entity needs to verify that we are a registered exporter, which we are; but their computer will accept only a thirteen-digit registration number, whereas our registration number has only seven digits. So the agency has indicated that we will be unable to complete the exportation. The same God who has figuratively moved mountains time and time again in the past three decades is still alive and well today, so please join us in asking Him to display His power once more in overcoming this particular hurdle. Thank you for praying.

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