It’s convenient to have a major city market not far from our house, on my way into work, though it tends to create congestion on the road. Recently, the city authorities decided to reorganize the market to improve hygiene and sanitation — long-needed and welcome reforms, in my opinion. To empty the space for renovations, they temporarily moved all the vendors to a field a couple of miles farther from town, which has resulted in major traffic jams at the new site, like the one pictured here.

After one day when I sat for twenty minutes before a way cleared for me to pass through, I asked Bonifácio to show me a back route. Accordingly, he rode with me the next day, directing me through the woods on dirt paths until we finally arrived at the highway past the confusion. But because that route is so remote and adds even more time to my commute than braving the bottleneck, I’ve been back on the paved street since then. Please pray for God’s continued protection on me and the car through all the adventures that Africa holds for us, including the rather tight squeeze into the shipping container at home where I park it for security reasons; I’ve already bumped the mirrors several times, cracking one. Thanks!

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