Many thanks to all who prayed for my trip to the capital city last week.  God’s hand of blessing was evident the entire time, starting with the morning flight which I’d wanted and was able to board without any problem.  I participated in a national religious conference sponsored by the government, and I also attended a seminar encouraging local believers to produce Christian books in our cultural context.  I visited three literature ministries with which we associate, and I shared fellowship with many who are serving the Lord in various capacities.

My stop at the auto dealership was informative.  I examined a double-cab pick-up truck which seems ideal for the long-term personal and ministry needs of the family with whom I live as well as my own.  However, the upgraded suspension deemed necessary for our roads is currently unavailable, and the total cost of the vehicle is a bit beyond my current budget.  As I wait for the suspension to become available, perhaps the Lord will either supply the remaining funds or provide different direction regarding transportation.

Please pray for my role in preparing for our organization’s large annual pastors’ conference, which will be held July 16-19.  I have many weighty responsibilities, which I frankly don’t see how I’m going to fulfill in the time remaining.  I will be looking to the Lord for wisdom and efficiency in my work, and spiritual rest in Him, during this busy season.

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