Weekend Bus Trip

Last Thursday, I got up at 3:00 a.m. and headed for the bus station. By 4:00, I was in my seat, and at 4:45, the bus departed. During the hours of highway driving, I greatly enjoyed seeing the countryside, villages, mud huts, and people going about their daily lives. At bus stops along the way, enterprising young men came running to sell snacks, drinks, and other items to passengers through the bus windows. Twice we all de-boarded the bus for the police to inspect our documents and baggage. One stop was made specifically for passengers to relieve themselves in the bushes. We also stopped for an hour while the driver and his assistant repaired a mechanical problem with the bus. Finally, at 2:30 p.m., I arrived at my destination.

My hosts were an older American couple who had a lot to teach me, both practically and spiritually, from their years of experience serving here. We bought groceries in the market, cooked local foods, and collected eggs from their chickens to sell at the shop they run in front of their home. I listened to their stories of God’s grace in their lives through both hardships and blessings. On Saturday we drove their truck to visit another American family two hours away; we ladies had plenty of time to visit while the men taught in a Bible school. On Sunday we walked to church to attend the service which included some translation into the national language that I can understand. Then on Monday I repeated the bus journey in reverse to come back home.

It has been a busy week in the office, both catching up on work after my vacation, and preparing for the departure of the family I live with. As they travel during the next two months, I will be the only person living in the house, though there are plenty of employees on the premises during the day and guards outside during the night. Please pray that I will adequately understand and fulfill the extra responsibilities I’ll have during this time, in the management of both the office and the home, and that my needs for fellowship will be met. Thank you!

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