I have finished teaching the ladies of our church my series of ten monthly lessons entitled, “Our Good Works: The Vital Role of Women in the Church”. At our last meeting, the participants shared what they learned during the study. As they spoke, I was deeply blessed to realize that God has used my efforts to impress Biblical truths upon their hearts and motivate them to live according to those truths. And at the end of the meeting, these dear women surprised me with matching clothes for all, a serenade of festive singing, and a sign reading, “We love you, sister Hannah”.

God seems to be opening more doors for me to minister to women. The booklet I’ve written containing the material I taught over the past ten months is nearing publication. The leaders of two other local churches have contacted me about teaching classes for their ladies. And this Saturday, I’ll begin leading our church’s women in a series of four lessons on discipleship, encouraging and equipping them to form long-term individual mentoring relationships among themselves and with others. In all this, please pray that the Lord will guide me and give me wisdom in preparing and teaching the lessons. Our church uses the national language, but I expect I’ll need to use more of the local language, which I don’t know as well, in other churches.

Another ministry close to my heart is the local preschool which serves the physical, educational, emotional, and primarily spiritual needs of disadvantaged children and their families. I regularly contribute funds and time to support this outreach, which began last year, and I desire to see other donors join me to give it greater financial stability. In addition to praying about this, I’m asking God to show me if there is more that I can do to generate interest, either locally or abroad, in the preschool. I would appreciate hearing any creative ideas you have for improving the fiscal health of a fledgling indigenous ministry.

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