Writing a Booklet

One of my current projects is writing a booklet for local women, entitled “Our Good Works:  The Vital Role of Women in the Church”.  The content is the same as I plan to teach in our church ladies’ meetings over the course of the next ten months.  Putting this material in writing not only serves to make it available to those unable to attend the sessions, but it is also a good way to refine my skills in the national language, which I have studied diligently since my arrival.  After I draft each chapter, I meet with my language helper to correct and edit it.  I am already halfway done with the booklet, and I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and clarity as I attempt to finish it in the next week.

This writing project serves to conclude seven months of active study in the national language.  Though I certainly haven’t mastered it to perfection, I can communicate fluently over a wide range of subjects and situations.  My next adventure is to tackle the local language!  Starting on August 27, a friend and I are scheduled for three weeks of intensive tutoring in that language at a school outside of town, followed by further study after we return home.  Please pray for God’s blessing and protection upon us during this time, and that we would learn as much as possible.  Thank you.

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