Horácia moved to the nearby island to study local development and international relations two years ago, about the same time as my son Afonso.  Shortly afterwards, she discovered she was pregnant.  Her boyfriend, studying in a distant province, does what he can to help her and their son, so she has managed to continue her studies while raising him.

Afonso also lends a good deal of assistance to Horácia, whom he regards as a sister, and little Heyken, who is like a nephew to him.  He introduced them to me during my June visit to the island.  I spent an hour sharing the gospel with Horácia in the home Afonso shares with several classmates, as she thoughtfully mulled over the truths I presented.  She said she didn’t have a Bible, but could borrow one from a housemate.  I encouraged her to read it daily, and we subsequently interacted via WhatsApp over questions that arose in her reading.

Last Monday, a babysitter was carrying one-year-old Heyken on the shoulders when the child fell backwards and cracked his skull.  He spent three minutes unconscious and was subsequently admitted to the island’s hospital.  On Thursday, he was transferred to the provincial hospital in my city for neurological care, so that evening I visited him and Horácia there along with a friend from church.

The hospital’s pediatric ward consists of several rooms containing hardly any medical equipment but ten to twenty small beds each, with family members clustered around each occupied bed.  When we arrived, Heyken was elsewhere receiving IV fluids, so we sat in the waiting room until Horácia brought him to see us.  He was awake and calm in her arms as she recounted to us all that had happened and her distress over her son’s injury.  Her eyes lit up as I gifted her with a Bible; she exclaimed that it’s just what she’d needed since Monday.  After visiting for fifteen minutes, we prayed for the patient, who had fallen asleep in his mother’s arms, and took our leave.

Heyken was discharged from the hospital on Friday.  A group from our church visited him and Horácia at Afonso’s family’s home where they stayed until their return to the island on Sunday.  They found the child alert, content, and playful.  We pray that God will fully heal him from the accident and bring his mother to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for praying with us.

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