How in the world did Ken and Cathy get interested in India? That’s a question that would never have
entered our minds except after we received an invitation to participate in a Disability Ministry
Conference in Delhi in 2014. We and about 50 others joined 500+ Indian nationals to discuss reaching
the disabled with the good news of the Gospel. Providentially, India came to be on our Bucket List.
Two years later we accepted the invitation of Dr. Saji Lukos, President and Founder of Reaching Indians

Ministry International (, to come to the Mission India Theological Seminary (MITS- in Nagpur, the geographic center of the sub-continent. Here’s information from that October,

2016 trip:
Cathy prepared by earning certification in teaching ESL and Hannah joined us for three weeks – she and
Cathy teaching high-school and undergraduate students in English. Ken taught Theology at the master’s
level where all students are required to be proficient in English (hence the draw for younger students to
take ESL classes).
Saji Lukos asked us to bring Study Bibles. By the
gracious and generous response of the RPC/EPC people
and others, we delivered 80 Bibles to students – many
first-generation Christians!


The second week, Pastor Ken spoke at a youth conference and a pastor’s conference, Cathy encouraged
women in ministry, and Hannah taught English at a nearby high school. Prayers were answered
affirmatively as we enjoyed comfortable, on-time travel; sound sleep with minimal jet-lag; safety,
health, and energy; no digestive problems with unfamiliar food; effective cross-cultural teaching; many
opportunities to be a blessing to others; protection from evil spiritual forces (Eph. 6:12); and seeing that
God’s name would be great among the nations (Mal. 1:11).
Stay tuned for another Blog about Ken and Cathy and their love for the people of India.

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