The Ladies’ Bible study recently wrapped up their semester with a Zoom Christmas party (pic above).

Hello, fellow church attenders,

I have been asked to give the church an idea of what our Ladies’ Bible study group is all about.  We have been studying together for a couple of years, first going to the homes of whoever offered, the first home being the Campbells’ before they moved away.  We started out as a small group, kept growing, and then 2020 and the pandemic came along and our Pastor Greg set up a Zoom account for us, so that we could continue our study online. Praise God for that!!

Our first book to study was Leviticus (tough one) and we used a study book called Precepts.  We now meet on Zoom every Wednesday morning, and we are currently studying Psalms (yes, all 150 of them!)  Meghan is an amazing leader and works hard to have so much information for us, and she does her best to answer my endless questions.  Nancy Hancock is acting as our secretary and makes wonderful notes of our lessons and then emails them to us.  These are the most loving and generous ladies I have ever met, and they have enriched my life tremendously, especially this year, as several of us live alone and can have fellowship despite the virus.

This group presently includes Meagan Anderson, Nancy Hancock, Deborah Altsman, Barbara Dunn, Susan Ellis, Gail Shaff, Patricia Stewart, Joy Martin, and myself, as current attenders.  The study is, of course, open to all ladies of Emmanuel, a continued study of Psalms will begin on January 13, 2021.  Come and join us!

In Christ,
Carolyn Galloway

The women’s bible study will resume in the new year on Wednesday January 13th for both morning and evening times- currently both are Zoom calls. We will be continuing in the beautiful book of Psalms. The morning will start at 9am for prayer then study and the evening will start at 6:30pm for prayer then study.

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