Dear Church Family,

I have good news! Summit Christian Academy has granted Emmanuel permission to set our own mask policies while using the gym. In light of the lower number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in Texas and particularly in Williamson and Travis Counties, and in light of the significant number of vaccinations in our area (including most of the “at-risk” folks in our orbit), beginning this Sunday, May 2, we will move to a Masks Encouraged (but not required) policy for our worship services. 

That said, COVID remains active in our area, and not everyone has been fully vaccinated, or is comfortable in large groups without masks. So, we will continue to practice physical distancing in our worship services. Seating will remain spaced, and we urge you to please be careful and respect the space of others who are not in your pod or family group. 

Further, we will offer a section of our seating on the left (far) side of the gym, where Masks will be Mandatory for those that prefer to take that precaution. This area will be well demarcated and spaced further than 6 ft from the other seating in the gym. If you choose to sit in that area, you must wear a mask throughout worship, and you will be able to approach for communion both distanced and only in general proximity to others that are wearing masks. Those of you who choose to sit in this area may also enter and exit the gym through the rear entrance, if you prefer. Please only use this entrance before or after the service. (This door is located in the front-left of our worship space. See diagram below.)

Finally we will continue all our other regular COVID sanitization practices and policies. This includes our nursery policies. We will continue to require adults that enter, or approach, our nursery to wear masks.

We believe that with the considerable space available in the gym, we can all gather to worship safely without promoting the spread of COVID with these practices. But, to do so will require us all to be careful and respect the space of others. While you will not be required to wear a mask, we would appreciate you bringing one for moments when you might be nearer to others than 6 ft.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Greg

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