Please pray for our family’s health. Bonifácio is recovering after a week of illness during which he tested positive for COVID. Stephanie tested negative for COVID, but she has been suffering from the same symptoms as her husband — body aches, headache, fever, congestion, cough, and loss of sense of taste — to a greater degree, for two weeks, without improvement. Thankfully, neither of them have had difficulty breathing, but we are still concerned for them.

To protect the other five members of the household, the couple is keeping strict quarantine in their master bedroom. We leave their food on a chair outside the door, and they later open the door to receive it. They leave their dishes on the chair afterwards, to be cleaned and disinfected with bleach, which we are also using for all of our dishes as a precaution.

We thank God that the rest of us in the home are healthy. I have recently felt more tired than usual, sensing that my immune system is working hard to keep me well. Please pray that God would continue to protect Matthew, Darcy, Leah, Blaine, and me, and that Bonifácio and Stephanie would recover soon. Thank you very much.

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