One Saturday afternoon each month, a team from our church disperses through the surrounding neighborhood to converse with people about the forgiveness Jesus Christ offers us through His death on the cross.  This Saturday was the scheduled day, but that morning found me on my bed crying after a stressful week, wishing I didn’t have to go anywhere.  Even though I’m the outreach team’s assistant leader, I wasn’t obligated to participate, but I resolved to do so anyway.  Perhaps the accumulation of pressure represented the enemy trying to deter our forays into his territory because of their effectiveness.  Perhaps God would honor with increased fruitfulness the extra sacrifice it required for me to participate in the Great Commission that day.

When I strolled to the road a few hours later to hitchhike into town, I was picked up almost immediately by a friendly woman named Elena who went out of her way to take me straight to my destination and declined compensation.  We both relished our conversation so much that we took a selfie together and exchanged contact information, in addition to my handing her a Scripture tract and inviting her to our church.  Already feeling much better, I enjoyed fellowship with my teammates until the time appointed for heading into the neighborhood.

I was grouped with three young men for our house-to-house campaign.  All four families that we visited during the ninety minutes received us warmly, offering us chairs in their front yards according to the local custom.  In response to our questions, they shared their views on life after death, then listened as we explained the Biblical way to find forgiveness of sins and eternal life.  Though many were probably being more polite than sincere, we still pray that God will use our witnessing to draw some to Himself.

Riding the bus home, I had several more profitable conversations, and actually ran out of tracts for those who wanted them.  Then, walking into our yard, I talked with the neighbor boy who attends church with me about the need for his heart to be cleansed from sin.  In bed that night, I thanked God for the satisfaction of having been used by Him to announce His truth, as the pressures of the week returned to weigh upon me and I cried myself to sleep.

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