The spring cookout for NHHS was a big success.  About 70 students and staff were provided a lunch meal of burgers and hot dogs, chips, fruit, veggies, casseroles, lemonade, tea, soda, and desserts.  Many of the students expressed sincere appreciation for our efforts.  There were smiles all around, including on the faces of the 16 volunteers we had there from EPC.  There was quite a bit of “discussion” about the proper grilling method of meat and ways to apply cheese to burgers! 

Kudos to master griller Becky Sato for persisting in getting the meat grilled despite all the comments from the peanut gallery.

Perhaps the sweetest part was seeing our volunteers sitting next to the students, conversing with them as they shared a meal.  Pastor Ken was afforded a divine opportunity when a student inquired “what is Easter all about?”  Pastor Greg was given the opportunity to say a few words of encouragement and love to the students.
The staff members were also tremendously blessed. Principle Barbara Spellman stated that the cookout was one of the highlights of her year! Many teachers expressed their thanks.

The shelves are looking bare! Can you donate some food items?

Some of our volunteers got to view our food pantry for the students, which at this time is fairly bare.  The school does have summer school and will continue to need our donations. Click here for a full list of requested donations.
The NHHS graduation is Tuesday, May 14 at 4.30 at Leander High School’s PAC.  There will be over 125 students graduating.  We would like to give each graduate a token of celebration, perhaps a bookmark, a favor, a treat, even just a graduation card (a lot of these kids will not get these).  Each student’s token does not need to be  the same.  We are requesting any kind of donation you would like to make toward this endeavor.  Please bring them to services next Sunday.  Thank you!!

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