School has begun at New Hope High School (NHHS), and the school has more students than it has ever had in its history.  The staff and students are very thankful for our partnership, and we continue to find ways we can minister to the school. Your support of the school is making a significant impact.

Specifically, a BIG SHOUT OUT to JD Stewart who came to the school last Friday to share some of his magic with the kids!

There continue to be several ways you can get involved:

Food Pantry

The students are utilizing the food pantry frequently, and the current status of the pantry is bare.  PLEASE continue to bring items for our Mark 6 offering on the 3rd Sunday each month.  Your donations will NOT go to waste. As a reminder, items you can bring include:

  • Mac and Cheese, individual and microwaveable
  • Individual fruit juices
  • Raisins/dried fruit
  • Animal crackers, individual
  • Fruit snacks like roll ups
  • Famous Amos cookies
  • Microwaveable lunch items like chili
  • Fruits like apples or small oranges that will “hold up” in transit to the school
  • Individual packets of snacking nuts
  • Breakfast or chewy bars
  • Hot pockets (frozen item, would need to be delivered to the school and placed in student kitchen freezer)


The school continues to be in need for mentors, and several of our members attended LISD’s mentor training these last few weeks, which means they can now work with the children at NHHS.  All it takes is less than one hour a week to sit with a student and talk, play a game, LISTEN, do anything the student might be interested in.  This does NOT include homework, tutoring, discipline or anything involving food.  Just RELATIONSHIP! The school still needs mentors, and Shannon, the LISD mentor trainer, has agreed to do a training at our church if we have enough people sign-up.  Sign-up HERE!

“I spent about an hour with Shannon Lombardo for the HEROES mentor training.  It was time very well spent and very encouraging regarding spending time with these kids.  Many of them probably don’t have a single adult in their lives who will just sit and listen to them and really HEAR them.  I can’t wait to be assigned to a student.”  – Deborah Altsman

Fun Friday events

Every Friday afternoon, about 1:00, the students and staff at NHHS take a break and have some fun time together.  These “Fun Friday” events are different every week, and last week JD came to share some magic with the teens and staff.  We have also used this time in the past to decorate cookies.  The school is looking for someone to help plan a “Fun Friday” in November.  It can be 1 hour of whatever you’d like – games, crafts, teaching a skill, anything!  They have also shared that it doesn’t even have to be as elaborate as cookies or magic…. really anything fun for the kids to take a break. Please contact the deacons if you’re interested or think this is something you could help us coordinate moving forward.

Chili Cook-off

Last year at our Chili Cook-off, we asked people to donate money to purchase a washer and dryer for the school.  We found a great deal from Sears Outlet and have purchased a ventless washer/dryer and have had it delivered. The school is now awaiting hook-up, but we are very hopeful that they will have it working soon.  Praise God!

This year, for the Cook-off, we will be partnering again, and Barbara, the principal, will be one of the judges.  Also, we will be asking attendees for donations for new microwaves.  The school has a few, very old microwaves that trip their breaker and do not work properly.  We’re looking to bless them with the purchase of a few new ones for them.

Please continue to be in prayer for the students and staff at NHHS.  We are thankful for our partnership with them and continue to pray God’s blessing on the staff and students.  For His Glory!

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