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Divorce & Remarriage

As your pastor I have wanted to get into the habit of writing on various topics to you, the congregation of Emmanuel, as a regular practice. […]

Apostles Creed Class #1

Below is the audio and notes for the School of Discipleship class taught by Doug Hancock on January 12, 2020. Outline Teacher’s Notes

God’s Protection Needed

Theft is a major problem here in Africa. Twice last year I encountered thieves on the street, but each time God allowed me to escape without […]

New Year in Africa

Here in Africa, the New Year is a bigger celebration than Christmas. Our observance began on December 30, with a family meeting for each person to […]

Christmas in Africa

The week of Christmas was different for me here in Africa than it would have been if I had been in the US, but it was […]

Music Seminar

This past week I taught an intensive music seminar to the six top students from the general music training that I offered for our church’s members […]

Graduation of Children’s Ministry Workers

During my first year in Africa, I befriended my neighbor Afonso (at right in the photo) and began helping him prepare for the life of ministry […]

In-Depth Leviticus

Below is the audio for the School of Discipleship class taught by Rev. Greg Ward on December 8, 2019.

Nélzia and Carlos’s Wedding

It was in February 2018, shortly after arriving in Africa, that I met Nélzia, a young architect in our church. On that first evening that we […]

Training for Children’s Workers

My administrative work supports even events in which I’m not directly involved. For example, this past week, four Brazilian ladies used our facilities to train about […]
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