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Nelson’s Family

Since Carlota’s passing, it’s been my joy to befriend some of her relatives, especially her niece Filomena with her husband Nelson and their baby daughter Paula. […]

New Directory

We have a new directory for Emmanuel members! If you are a current Emmanuel member, you should have received an email with the subject “You are […]

Thankful For My Director

What a privilege it is to work alongside a 30-year veteran of the field here in Africa. He and his wife have endured more hardships than […]

Rearranging my Room

Welcome to my bedroom! It’s a bright, cozy space for me to relax, play harp, read, work on my computer, or undertake other personal projects at […]

Preschool Back Open!

After over a year of no classes due to COVID-19, the African preschool is finally open again! On a recent Wednesday morning, Bonif√°cio and I visited, […]

Bonifacio’s Ordination

It’s late Sunday evening, and I’m tired after a long day. But the day was so special that I don’t want it to end before I […]

All in a Week’s Driving

Sunday: I drive into town before church to pick up a young couple who requested a ride. First I’m delayed for ten minutes at the railroad […]

Masks Encouraged for Worship

Dear Church Family, I have good news! Summit Christian Academy has granted Emmanuel permission to set our own mask policies while using the gym. In light […]

Sunday Blessings

Although I’m very close to the family I live with, and we have devotions at home every day, we don’t normally worship in the same place […]

Pointing Young Women to Christ

God is using my outreach to touch the lives of young African women. This past Wednesday, I interacted with four of them. Here are their stories. […]
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