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Island Getaway

I enjoyed a delightful weekend on an island in the region. I traveled with a friend whose fiancé is attending the university there, so he showed […]

Leadership Training Class 4: Christology

Below is the audio recording and presentation slides from the School of Discipleship class on the Christology taught by Rev. Greg Ward on March 3, 2019. […]


Our church recently sent me as its representative to a meeting called by the local Religious Affairs department of the government for the purpose of organizing […]

School of Discipleship Q&A 2-24-19

Below is a link with the Q&A from Emmanuel Missions Committee’s SOD video call with our newest missionary family: Word Document Q&A “And Jesus came and […]

Prayer for Hermínia

Please pray for Hermínia, a college student in our church here in Africa. Her father died when she was young, and her mother died several years […]

Sorrow and Joy

This has been a week of both great sorrow and great joy. On the one hand, an African close to me has suddenly found himself in […]

Donations for New Hope High School

Every third Sunday of the month, we use our Mark 6 offering to provide food to stock the pantry at New Hope High School. Please see […]

Leadership Training Class 3: Decrees & Works of God

Below are the presentation slides, resources, and a recording of the School of Discipleship class on the the Decrees & Works of God and Covenant Theology […]

Preschool Opening Ceremony

Since the academic year here corresponds to the calendar year, last Saturday was the preschool’s opening ceremony for the year. It also served to inaugurate the […]

Ladies Serving

I appreciate your prayers for the Bible study I lead for our congregation’s ladies, entitled “Our Good Works:  The Vital Role of Women in the Church”.  […]
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