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Hospitality Below is the audio recording and presentation slides from Emmanuel’s School of Discipleship class on Hospitality, taught by Pastor Ward on September 9, 2018.   […]

Week Two of Language Classes

Week Two of Language Classes The second of my three weeks in language school was rougher than I would have liked, because I had a head […]

Week One of Language Classes

Week One of Language Classes It’s been a wonderful week of intensive language learning!  The teacher pictured here taught my friend and me for three hours […]

 Going to Language School

Going to Language School My friend and I have arrived at our language school!  We are excited and thankful for this opportunity to jump-start our study […]

Writing a Booklet

Writing a Booklet One of my current projects is writing a booklet for local women, entitled “Our Good Works:  The Vital Role of Women in the […]

Hannah: Computer Training for Pastors

Computer Training for Pastors I am blessed to be part of a ministry that serves pastors in the region, many of whom have little formal theological […]

Hannah: Church Women’s Meetings

Church Women’s Meetings Several months ago, a member of our congregation suggested that I lead a ladies’ Bible study on how we women can serve in […]

Hannah: Reorganizing the Bookroom

Reorganizing the Bookroom The week after our conference, my biggest task was re-organizing our bookroom.  All of our books available to sell had been transported to […]

Hannah: Conference

Conference My experience at our pastors’ conference this week was marvelous in every way!  As part of the team handling conference logistics, I bore two important […]

Hannah: Conference Countdown

Conference Countdown Our annual conference is about to start!  I can hardly wait to spend the week in the company of 300 people:  pastors and church […]
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