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Hurricane Harvey Relief

All of us have seen the tragedy and destruction brought by Hurricane Harvey to the Texas Gulf Coast over the past week. And of course we […]

Back Home!

It has been two weeks now since I arrived safely back in Austin. I am deeply grateful to everyone who prayed for me during my seven […]

Charlottesville, White Supremacists, & Racial Reconciliation

As I’ve processed though the tragic events in Charlottesville over the past few days, there are a few things that I feel like I need to […]

Sightseeing and More

Before I left their city, several of my students and I hiked up a mountain, from which we could see across the border to the town […]

Mountaintop and More

I’ve just enjoyed a very restful week up on top of a mountain. Before ascending it, I visited some of my students’ homes down in town, […]


My transition from teacher to tourist has been most enjoyable, especially since I’m still surrounded by my students here in their home country. I arrived on […]

Class Finished

My American friends here in town have been such a blessing. I’ve gone to their house each Sunday afternoon for a Bible study, and they have […]

Just Like a Dream

Preached by Rev. Greg Ward on May 28th, 2017.

Winding Down

With my departure from this city drawing near, the local church, where I’ve led a singing ensemble since January, presented a gift to me last Sunday. […]

Holy Mirth

Preached by Rev. Greg Ward on May 21, 2017.
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