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Daily Routine

My weekdays here in Africa begin early: I get up with the sun, between 5:00 and 5:30 am. I sing while getting ready for the day, […]

African Church

The church in which I participate meets on the same property where I live, inside the building which we hope to open soon as a hospital. […]

Anniversary Celebration

Last Tuesday was my hosts’ thirtieth wedding anniversary, so about twenty local friends sneaked into the house to throw them a delightful surprise party. Though I […]

Money, Power. and Health

As the culmination of many hours of labor, the transition of the organization’s finances into a new system under my stewardship has been finalized with the […]

Young Ladies’ Retreat

This weekend I participated in the local church’s retreat for young ladies, the theme of which was “Fruit of the Spirit”. Twelve teenage girls attended, and […]


Welcome to my room! It’s a spacious, cheery, personal haven at my new home in Africa. The mosquito net tucked around my bed affords protection from […]

Racism Alone? – Reflections on the Current National Divide

Today we have a guest blog post from Dr. Carl Ellis, Assistant to the Chancellor and Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary. Dr. Ellis will be speaking at […]

WorldViews: Everyone Believes, Lesson 2

Below is the link to the presentations slides from our World Views: Everyone Believes class taught by Rev. Greg Ward on Jan. 28, 2018. Unfortunately there […]

Productive Office Work

I am grateful for your prayers that I would accomplish much in the office this week, because I feel that God has answered them. This week, […]


Today we have a guest blog post from the Rev. Randy Nabors, Urban & Mercy Ministries Coordinator of the Presbyterian Church in America. Randy will be […]
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