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Cooking with English Students

Our second week of class has gone very well. The students are progressing fast and seem to be enjoying their studies. For household chores, they are […]

Settling In

Many thanks to everyone who is praying for me and my new adventure! I’ve had a very smooth adjustment to my new home, where I’ll be […]

Visa Granted!

Praise God with me that my visa has been granted!  My suitcases are packed and I am excited about departing on January 3.  Here is a […]

Hannah’s Visa

Hello, everyone!  This is Hannah, and I will be using this blog to post updates and prayer requests.  I plan to submit my visa application this […]

What’s in Logo?

Our new Logo for Emmanuel Presbyterian Church is a blend of a Celtic Cross and the Tree of Life. The cross symbolizes our faith, which is […]

What’s In A Name?

Emmanuel means God with us. This is what Christ came to make real, and this is what he left his Church on earth to continue to […]
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