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Incredulity Regarding Celibacy

What would you do with a church full of women shouting at you that celibacy is categorically impossible? Their culture additionally teaches them that the theoretical […]

Family Vacation

Our family spent this weekend on the coast, several hours away. It was our first vacation taken in the vehicle God provided for us earlier this […]

A Redeemer’s Response – Gleanings from Ruth 3

Introduction In our world today, we idolize the people who are brave, who conquer the odds stacked against them, those who beat down the opposition and […]

Teaching Women

On Thursday, a local denomination’s head pastor accompanied me an hour and a half outside our town to speak to the women in one of his […]


This is Luisa, a 16-year-old neighbor and niece of the couple I live with. Eager to follow Christ, she wanted me to study the Bible with […]

Favor, Worth, and Refuge – Gleanings from Ruth 2

With an election coming up, there are many campaign visits happening across the country. Candidates are hoping to drum up some support for their platform, their […]

The Beautiful Community Webinar

The church is at its best when it pursues the biblical value of unity in diversity. Our world has been torn asunder by racial, ethnic, and ideological […]

Zechariah: The LORD Remembers

Author: Zechariah, the son of Berechiah, son of Iddo. Iddo, his grandfather was a priest listed (Neh. 12:4) among the exiles that returned to Jerusalem under […]

Matthew’s Accident

Bonifácio has two nephews with similar names that both translate to “Matthew” in English. Both young men teach at the preschool. One lives with us, and […]

Uncertainty, Loss, & Sovereignty – Gleanings from Ruth 1

Our Setting We are living in a very different world than we were just five short months ago. There has been a pandemic driving fear and […]
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