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A cyclone came through our area a week ago, though thankfully our city didn’t bear the brunt of it.  But we certainly got a lot of […]

Radiant Purity at the Passover Lamb Church

God is answering our prayers for more churches to host our girls’ conferences.  This past weekend, our team took the Radiant Purity conference to the nearby […]

Third Annual Popcorn Party

What better to celebrate the anniversary of my arrival in Africa than with popcorn?!  I invited the whole church to my house on Thursday afternoon for […]

Planting and Planning for the New Year

The rains have begun here in Africa, so Stephanie is working hard at planting in her fields.  After supper on Sunday, the whole family sat on […]

New Year in Africa

Happy New Year!  I have rung in the past two new years together with the neighborhood congregation Bonifácio pastors during its traditional all-night service.  This year, […]

Christmas Week in Africa

The Saturday before Christmas, I spent all day with my family at a wedding of a couple in their church.  Stephanie had decorated the sanctuary, so after the […]

African Baby Shower

After four years in Africa, I’ve finally attended my first local baby shower.  On Thursday morning I accompanied Stephanie to the home of a niece who […]

Preschool Graduation

Saturday was graduation day at the preschool!  I don’t visit it often, but Matthew and Darcy, who teach there, frequently share tidbits of its news with […]

A Four-Language Conference

At 4:00 am on Saturday, Stephanie, Leah, Olga, and I rolled out of bed, put on our clothes, and headed with our luggage to the street […]

Officer Nominations ’21-22

Process We are officially accepting nominations for Elder, Deacon, and Deaconess for From December 5, 2021 to January 1, 2022. Nominations may be submitted by any […]
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