Last Thursday was my latest trek through an African neighborhood. A teenager who has lived on our property for the past few years took me to see the hut that he is moving into. It was pouring rain, as is common in this season, so we each walked with our umbrella — something most locals don’t seem to have. We tried to avoid stepping directly in the mini-rivers of rainwater that flowed freely between the houses, but still arrived with our sandals thoroughly muddied.

I was happy to see Afonso’s new home, which is in the center of this photo. It was built some time ago by one of his brothers but had fallen into disrepair, so another of his brothers recently renovated it for Afonso’s use. His sister and her family live in the larger house beside it on this family property. Perhaps in the future Afonso could use the cement blocks stacked in front to build himself a sturdier dwelling, but in the meantime the existing hut should serve him well as he finishes high school and begins ministry to children. Please pray for God’s continued blessing on Afonso’s life.

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