Dear Church Family,

I am excited to tell you that the time has come for us to resume gathered worship again! This has been such an unusual year, and it will be so good to share table fellowship with many of you again.

We are resuming this Sunday, August 9, at 10am in the Summit Christian Academy Gym. The worship service will be basically the same as it was earlier this summer after our first resume. We will sanitize extensively, require masks & physical distancing, and generally do everything we can to make it as safe as possible for everyone. Please review our Worship Resume Guidelines here. You can find more detail on our practices in this Blog Post. Though we believe these practices provide a reasonably safe environment for corporate worship, COVID-19 remains active in our community, and we cannot guarantee anyone’s health. 

Because of this, we will continue to offer a live stream of our service on our Youtube Channel for those that choose not to attend or cannot attend. In addition we will continue to offer drive up service with WiFi to view the service and communion brought to your car. (You’ll have to provide your own AC!) Go here for more details on the Drive-Up Service.

In order to make this as safe as possible though, we are relying upon you. If you are experiencing any new or worsening symptoms of illness, please worship from home. If you have been in close contact with anyone lab confirmed to have COVID-19, or waiting for a lab test result, please worship from home. Please love your neighbor by practicing self-quarantine under these circumstances.

If you are over the age of 65, or in an at-risk health category, we strongly encourage you to worship from home or the parking lot. We do understand that the choice to attend gathered worship (or not) is deeply personal and very complex for many of us. It is not the place of the church to make your health decisions for you. We are here to provide a safe (as possible) worship environment for those that choose to attend. We will gladly welcome all that do so. 

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Greg

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