Dear Church Family,

The time has come for us to resume gathered worship! We are resuming this Sunday, May 31, at 10am in the Summit Christian Academy Gym on Pentecost! On the birthday of the church, we will finally be gathering again to hear the gospel proclaimed and meet our Lord at the Table! And as exciting as this is, we will need to make some changes to the way we both gather and worship in order to make our time together each Sunday as safe as possible for everyone. 

Worship Resume Guidelines

First off, we will continue to have a live stream of our service online for those that choose not to attend. If you are experiencing any new or worsening symptoms of illness, please worship from home. If you have been in close contact with anyone lab confirmed to have COVID-19, please worship from home. If you are over the age of 65, or in an at-risk health category, we strongly encourage you to worship from home.

Second, let’s discuss some of the physical changes to our gathering. We are doing many things to make our gathered worship as safe as we can. We will sanitize all common surfaces in the room before the service begins. Greeters and Ushers will be wearing masks and gloves. There will be multiple hand sanitizing stations in the building and you will be required to sanitize your hands before entering the gym.

Please bring a mask! Everyone except infants, very small children, and those leading worship up front, will be required to put on a mask before they enter the building. If you do not have a mask, the greeters will provide you with one.

Ushers will offer you a printed bulletin as usual. These will have been handled only with gloves and sanitized hands. If you would rather, you may download a bulletin and print it out for yourself or view it on your hand held device. The bulletin will be available in PDF form on our website as usual.

We will be arranging our sanctuary in the gym a bit differently to maximize physical distancing. All chair rows will be 6 ft. apart. Ushers will help you find seats that will allow at least 2 chairs between your family and others. There will be no coffee and donuts or book table.

We will have a Passing of the Peace, but I will ask everyone to remain in their place and turn and greet those around them verbally so as to maintain physical distancing. Please do not move around the room to greet different people as you normally do.

There will be no nursery or children’s ministries offered at this point. We are delighted to have your little ones in the service. Do not worry about them! You are welcome to bring materials for them to color with or entertain themselves quietly if necessary. Please do help your children to observe physical distancing while they are with us.

We are going to celebrate the Lord’s Supper! We will do so as safely as possible. We will not pass plates around, but rather everyone will come forward by family units to take their communion. All the elements will be prepared safely with masks and gloves. All servers will have masks and gloves. The elements will be set out on tables so there is no person-to-person contact. As you come forward you will stop first at a station to place your offering in a plate (if you desire) and to sanitize your hands. Then you will move forward to an open table to take your elements as a family.

We will sing! Corporate singing is however an area of concern for the spread of COVID through aerosolization. In order to keep our singing as safe as possible, we will maintain our physical distance. We will wear our masks! (This is important.) We will sing fewer hymns than usual. In the building, we will not sing any hymns during communion service, but several hymns will be played and the lyrics to accompany them will be in the bulletin. If you are at home, please sing for the rest of us during communion. You can voice what is in the rest of our hearts and minds. Finally, we will try to keep the service less than an hour in length so we do not spend to much time in the same air space.

When the service is over we will exit by family units, while maintaining our social distancing. Please do not socialize in the building. You may greet one another and socialize outdoors in the fresh air after the service. Please remember to respect everyone’s physical distance while you do so.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Greg

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