In December, we gave a gift to the preschool that we and Hannah have been supporting in Africa. They made good use of the money, and Bonifácio sent us this letter in thanks! Notes: (1) some details have been changed or omitted for safety reasons; (2) numbers are inexact due to currency change.

Dear Emmanuel Presbyterian Church,

It is with great honor that I write you this letter, after a long time without being able to write to you.  First, I want to ask forgiveness for my delay in writing to thank you for the support the church has given for the Children’s Smile preschool.

In the month of December, we had the honor of receiving your support in the amount of $450.  This amount was used for the preschool’s activities:

  • $140: twenty sacks of cement
  • $145: teachers’ salaries
  • $30: wood for the preschool’s door
  • $14: two locks for the two main doors of our new building
  • $17: two rolls of plastic to cover the pavilion
  • $72: stonemasons’ labor
  • $43: carpenters’ labor

On behalf of the preschool’s leadership, I express our profound gratitude and sincere thanks for your confidence and your generosity in always maintaining your support.

May God richly bless you.

Your brother in the faith,

Bonifácio Alberto Muahiroua

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