Nine-year-old Blaine accompanied me to a wedding this weekend.  I asked him to describe the adventure for you, and translated his oral account directly into English.  Enjoy!

On Friday, the wedding was at the civil registry.  When we arrived there, we needed to wait.  Then, Godmom had a meeting about a document.  She was able to have the meeting, and then the couple arrived.  When they arrived, we went into the civil registry.  Then they signed and put their rings on and kissed each other.  Then we left the registry and went outside.  They took many photos and sang songs.

Then we were walking towards a house and there were many cars passing by.  We walked and walked.  And so we arrived at the house.  When we got there, we found people.  We sat in chairs, they sang music, Godmom sang a song, then they sang more, then Godmom sang more.

Then it was time to leave.  But the owner of the house said that they were preparing lunch, so we had to wait for the lunch.  We waited, then ate, then left.  We want to ShopRite and bought some things, and then we walked and arrived and returned to the registry.  Godmom took care of her document, and then we returned to her job.

On Saturday, we left home at 8:00, got on a bus, and arrived at the church.  When we arrived at the church, we waited and waited while people were singing.  We waited and waited and waited.  The couple was taking a long time and didn’t arrive.  We waited and waited and waited.  So we stayed there and then we went outside to rest and then the couple arrived.

They arrived and entered and finally sat down.  Then someone read the Word of God.  Then they put their rings on.  Then they sat again.  Then it was time for the choirs that would sing from each church.  They sang good songs that excited us.  Then it was almost time to leave for the reception.

When it came time to leave for the reception, we left and went to a restaurant and ate.  Then we left for the reception.  We arrived there and joined the party.  We waited.  We ate.  And then they cut the cake and the couple ate.  And then we left and returned home.

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