By God’s grace, Calton has already effectively assumed most of my routine accounting and managerial responsibilities in our organization.  This is no small feat, for it represents five years of my figuring out what needs to be done and how to do it.  Codifying the process and passing it along to someone else has been a significant step for me.

So, I am now free to press ahead with other projects.  The most urgent is translating into our national language a theological book which my director has written in English.  He doesn’t have time to translate it himself, and he feels that my translation style accurately and concisely conveys his original train of thought, so he has given the task to me.

Now that Calton has relieved me from supervising the constant cash flow in the office, my presence there isn’t essential, so I’ve been translating at home, I find that home is the ideal place for me to translate, because all is quiet and peaceful during the day, without all the distractions of a busy office.  All my reference books are within arm’s reach of my desk.  I don’t spend any time commuting, and I can even work straight through lunch.  And of course I’m most comfortable in my own space.

After two weeks in which Calton did all of my administrative work with me at his side instructing him, this past week was the first week that I left him alone to translate at home.  I did so for three days, coming into the office to assist him on Tuesday and Friday.  Every indication is that he has everything smoothly under control, so I plan to stay home and translate for the entire coming week.  I’ll need to return to the office for a few days in the following week to supervise Calton’s month-end accounting, but after that, Lord willing, I should be able to translate at home until the book is finished.

I love translating!  Even as a child, before learning any foreign languages, I aspired to be a translator.  I feel incredibly fulfilled sitting in front of a computer, tackling the challenge of exploiting the unique capabilities of one language such that the reader’s mind receives exactly the same shade of meaning which the writer imagined in his own language.  Please pray that God would bless my efforts to use this gift to the maximum for His glory.

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