Dear Church Family,

I have more good news! Over the course of this summer we are transitioning our worship for a post-Covid world. This means we will be returning to more of our traditional worship service. It won’t be exactly what we did before, but much closer.

To start with Sunday, June 13, we will begin setting our chair rows a bit closer together (except for the Masks Required section at the front left).

Next Sunday, June 20, we will resume passing out contact cards (in the blue folders) for prayer requests, etc. We will also be taking up a traditional offering by having our ushers pass plates and then bring the offering to the front. Better still, we will be singing more! We will sing a hymn during the offering and a hymn during communion. We will however, continue to come forward to get our communion elements, as has been our habit as of late.

Finally, and most importantly for those that have been taking advantage of the livestream, Sunday, July 11, will be our last worship service that we stream live on YouTube. On Sunday, July 18, we will video record the sermon only, and post it to our website during the week that follows as usual. Our worship service has always been designed and intended for us to be present together and to celebrate communion together. The livestream has been a great blessing for us during this Covid quarantine, but with the decline in cases, the increased number of folks vaccinated in our area (and our church), and the wide availability of the vaccine, we need to commit the focus of our worship service fully to those that are present. We hope to see you soon on Sunday mornings!

Looking forward, it is our plan to resume all normal Sunday morning ministries, including School of Discipleship, for this fall. We also hope to have Children’s Worship resume sometime later this summer.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Greg

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