Introduction to 2 Peter

Although the letter purports to be written by “Simeon Peter, a servant and apostle of Jesus Christ,” there is perhaps no letter in the New Testament […]


My Saturdays usually begin with an early morning video call with my mom, before I even get out of bed. After personal worship and grooming, I […]

Island Fellowship

I was privileged to spend Sunday visiting an island with two other single ladies who have devoted their lives to our Lord’s service. For the past […]

A Glimpse into our African Church

Our church in Africa has been growing and prospering during the pandemic, despite two periods of several months in which services were exclusively online. In fact, […]

Fourth of July in Africa

For many years in a row now, I’ve been out of the US on July Fourth and therefore haven’t celebrated the holiday. But this year I […]

Rural River Baptism

On Sunday I enjoyed an African adventure. I woke up early because a pastor friend had invited me to join a group he was taking to […]