Weekend Ministry

It was a five-hour drive Friday afternoon to a costal district where I stayed with newlyweds who’d met at our pastors’ conference. Half the trip was over […]

Farmyard Menagerie

One of the pleasures of living outside the city is the array of animals that meet me when I arrive home each evening. Casey, our German […]

Commissioned Painting

For my fortieth birthday, I commissioned a painting by a local artist, in African style.  It depicts eight scenes from our city as I envision it […]

Competitions Across the Country

It’s been an epic two and a half weeks!  From May 2 through 18, Sérgio, Stélio and I traversed the country, putting in 2300 miles, over […]

Bus Accident

When I arrived at Pastor Artur’s house for the first time a year ago, his wife Sara gave me a bear hug with their newborn daughter Rita in […]

Women Reading the Bible

Five months ago, I asked you to pray about our women’s Bible reading project.  God is answering your prayers! I asked you to pray that I could […]