Matthew’s Accident

Bonifácio has two nephews with similar names that both translate to “Matthew” in English. Both young men teach at the preschool. One lives with us, and […]

Socially Distanced African Church

After 17 weeks of worshiping online via audio recordings, our African church resumed in-person services in August.  There are plenty of novelties, to be sure:  an […]

Reaching Neighborhood Girls

The online Christian conference in which we participated last month inspired the ladies of our household and my goddaughter in many ways. Among other commitments, we […]

Happy Birthday, Matthew and Marta!

Wednesday evening at our home saw a festive celebration for the birthdays of a nephew and a niece of the couple I live with. Though Matthew […]

Reorganizing the Key Cabinet

Our organization has hundreds of locks and keys for our property, and I’m responsible for managing them. A recent influx of new locks in the hospital […]

A Home for Carlota

Carlota is a dear woman whom I have been discipling for a year and a half. As regards worldly goods, she is practically destitute, but I […]