Community Groups are one of the best ways you can connect and fellowship with folks at Emmanuel. Please find a group that fits your schedule and join in the fun!

Avery Ranch


When and Where:

Resumes Oct. 21

6:30 PM, First and Third Sunday Evenings

15804 Royal Ashdown Dr., Austin TX 78717


Dan & Barbara Dunn, (512) 388-7970,

All ages welcome.  We study the previous week's sermon in more depth.

Avery Ranch


When and Where:

Resumes Fri, Sept. 14

7 PM, Second & Fourth Friday Evenings

10725 Kilkee Cove, Austin, TX 78717


Chris & Laura Kiick, (512) 796-6029,

Teens welcome. We seek to encourage young men and women through engaging Bible study.  Pot-luck dinner as well as fellowship and prayer.

Crystal Falls


When and Where:

Resumes Thurs, Sept. 20

6:30 to 8:30 PM, Thursday evenings

1328 Pasa Tiempo, Leander, TX 78641


Ken & Cathy Campbell, (774) 563-0342,

Continued study of Church History up to the 19th century. Light supper, fellowship, discussion, mutual prayer and support.

Deer Creek Ranch


When and Where:

Begins Sun, Sept. 23

2nd & 4th Sundays, after church

2604 Melekhin Bend, Cedar Park, TX 78613


Travis & Alison Ferguson, (512) 296-2464,

Join us after church for a meal and fellowship. Families with middle and high school students are welcome.

Lakeline Ranch


When and Where:

Begins Fri, Sept. 21

6:30 PM, First & Third Friday Evenings

2401 Granite Creek Drive, Leander, TX 78641


Greg & Sarah Ward, (985) 590-7220,

Join us for a potluck meal, fellowship, and prayer. Young families with small children are welcome!