Bonifácio’s fortieth birthday, Saturday, began with a leisurely breakfast:  I took him and Stephanie to a quaint outdoor restaurant with gazebos on terraces amid blooming flowers, nestled in the hills beside a lake.  Our hamburgers surprised me with their sub sandwich form, lack of pickles and tomatoes, and interesting sauce, but the three of us still relished our peaceful getaway.  We snapped many photos as we ambled about the grounds, and we resolved to bring the whole family one day.
That afternoon, about 130 people came to our home for my Classical harp recital.  They were seated in a tent in our front yard facing our porch-turned-stage for the 45-minute program.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and they seemed pleased as well.
From there, we segued directly into Bonifácio’s surprise party.  He’d selected that date for my harp recital, wanting something special on his birthday, but little did he know how special it would be!  Close to a hundred people used the tent and chairs from the harp recital to celebrate the forty years of life God has given Bony so far.  The stage had been quickly re-set to suit the event, as shown in the attached photo of him with his godparents.  Music, speeches, prayer, and presents preceded the veritable feast which Stephanie’s team had been preparing all day at the neighbor’s house — without Bonfiácio suspecting a thing!
Bonifácio’s fortieth birthday was certainly a day to be remembered with joy.

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